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Rent Hire is the distinguishable blinking star in the vast construction equipment field with its own versatility and cutting edge techniques that make us Living on the edge by giving satisfactory services to people. We are one of the best agencies among construction rental services in India providing real value to our clients irrespective of which field they are.

We have 25+ years of hands-on experience in the construction, renting and hiring heavy earth moving equipment for farming, small and big construction for roads, buildings, or for any other construction related projects. Our expertise tells itself about our strategic improvements, clients satisfaction and overall our captivating perseverance in the field.

Get lock-stock-and-barrel with RENT HIRE, as we provide every solution by looking at the context in a holistic way with pepper strategies and techniques involved behind. We are not like any other ordinary yellow page service providers having different terms and conditions including without proper functionalities and lacking in many conditions! We are the pioneers in the industry and with our most innovative and creative ideas for giving proper solutions in each and every possible way makes us unique from the vast majority of service providers.

Our premium, automatic and end to end solution for renting or hiring any construction equipment are the best in the industry without any ball-and-chain. Our services include listing the equipment, renting and hiring heavy construction equipment, farming equipment with automatic payments process without any involvement of human hands. Most importantly we are not using conventional techniques, we have optimised and used the all new tactics to make the process even smoother. Moreover, we not only offer renting the heavy earth equipment, but also resale the products and sell the brand new ones and all if these things are seamlessly done through AI with usage of our premium, super fast, blazing fluid website which will make you feel like flying in a rocket and running like F1 cars!

We provide heavy construction equipment on rent which includes the following

● Tipper
● Farming Equipments
● Small Construction Equipments

Our listed renting and reselling equipment are up to the mark without any defect and yield a great output for the person who has taken that. Due to this fact, we have become the best construction equipment rental company in India. We provide affordable, competitive prices for each and every product with the quality and availability keeping in mind. We offer the most aggressive JCB per hour rate in India among construction equipment rental companies in India. Rent Hire also provides excavator rental India, small construction equipment rental, building construction equipment rental and much more! We not only charge competitively on JCB, but also in excavator rent per day, bulldozer rental cost per day among all other construction machinery rental companies. We also focus on truck rental services, road roller rental services and building construction equipment too.

In a nutshell, Rent Hire is the bewitching service provider in the field of building construction, road construction, farming equipment. Our focus has always been on giving excellent quality at affordable prices and making clients satisfied. We are pleased as punch to share that, clients satisfaction is our one-track mind and we always try to hit the bull’s eye by becoming the apple of one’s eye.

We are not only confined to just providing renting, hiring and selling services, we are also into contracts. That being said, we work on a contract basis and to fulfill that thing with proper efficiency is our only priority not to just hurry and settle it down. Rather we have our aim targeted on not settling on any average technicalities but going beyond the expectation.

We provide contracts for any sort of buildings or road construction or any other sort of construction related projects. RENT HIRE has a full range of access in building construction equipment for hire and rental. For Sales/Rental support contact us at +917909083806

Our aim is to make the process of construction and finding equipment more hassle free and to provide people a smooth fluid experience. For a large construction project, finding proper equipment or finding the right team to work on is a hectic task and if you can't find one team ; you have to run through many people to get the job done, which is extremely horrible! That's the place where we come into the picture. We provide a one stop solution by giving contracts or for equipment. This is beneficial for both the equipment owners and the person who is getting rent. As just letting the heavy equipment casually without any workload, makes stress for the owner and on the other hand it's difficult for other persons to get the equipment as there is a shortage of such heavy equipment due to not having proper technical knowledge or chance of listing it online. With our website any equipment owner can just list the equipment online without any foot dragging. And the customers can easily login to our website and by just putting the date and location and searching for the equipment, can select the best one of their choice easily. After choosing the right equipment they pay the amount directly through multiple payment systems and thus the equipment owner can easily get the payment without any due and late payment. After that, it's just a matter of time to get the equipment and start the project also, the owner doesn't need to be stressed out about the delivery of the equipment. It will be picked and delivered on time. So it's beneficial for both the equipment owner and borrower at the same time.

We, RENT HIRE are highly experienced in construction machinery, road roller and JCB machine rental services in India. We are exporting genuine spare parts also.

Our motto is to be honest and be transparent in making the client satisfied and our aim is to be the most preferred agency among the construction equipment rental companies in India with our experience and effective service. So we are developing our skills and overall techniques and methodologies to thrive in the industry and make you be fulfilled is our utmost priority. Start your construction project now with us or list your equipment from your comfort zone, in both cases, RENT HIRE is with you.

Are you facing trouble with heavy equipment? We provide complete solutions for heavy equipment in construction and other projects